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I PASSED the Florida Bar Exam on the FIRST TRY with Zip Bar Review’s MBE Cram Course that I started in the LAST SEMESTER of law school!

I used Zip Bar Review’s MBE Cram Course, private tutoring for the Florida Essays with Wallace Rudolph (Blackstone), and a traditional bar course.

I had a secret weapon for the Bar Exam with Zip Bar Review’s MBE Cram Course!


I started watching the Zip Bar Review MBE Cram Course videos DURING my LAST semester of law school based on Professor Gachet’s recommendation.


Professor Gachet outlines and breaks down multiple-choice MBE questions and it makes answering multiple-choice questions MUCH EASIER.

Other traditional bar courses do SOME of that but NOT in the same way as Zip Bar Review.

Even though I also used a traditional bar course, for some reason, I could NOT understand the Standards of Review for Con Law UNTIL I watched Professor Gachet’s MBE Cram Course videos!

When I started the morning session of the MBE on the Florida Bar Exam, I wrote down the Standards of Review for Constitutional Law that Professor Gachet taught me in the MBE videos and I referred to those statements a bunch of times when I was answering MBE questions on the Bar Exam.

My scores on the Simulated MBE quizzes and Exams with my traditional bar course were HIGHER than my peers because I watched the Zip Bar Review MBE videos in the last semester of law school and during Bar Prep before the Florida Bar Exam.

My Simulated MBE scores were in the 80s and ABOVE about half way through Bar Prep for the February 2016 Florida Bar Exam.


Because of Zip Bar Review, I’m able to more quickly read through the MBE questions and focus on the relevant issues in order to choose the BEST answer.

Some of my peers are complaining about the Bar Exam but I feel CONFIDENT.

Multiple-choice questions DON’T scare me because I have been watching the Zip Bar Review MBE videos!

I have a young child and I juggle a lot of responsibilities at home.

Because of that, I don’t have the time or the energy of many of my law school peers during Bar Prep.

Zip Bar Review’s MBE videos are EFFICIENT and for that reason I can accomplish my goals.ErinMorsepicturelawyer

I really LOVE that Professor Gachet covers a challenging MBE topic in a ONE-HOUR video when my traditional bar course covers that material in 4+ hours!

Therefore, Zip Bar review gives me the EDGE so that I can understand the questions and necessary MBE strategies for the answer explanations to choose the CORRECT answer.

Zip Bar Review is a much-needed SUPPLEMENT to a traditional bar course.

Because of Zip Bar Review, my MBE scores are KICK ASS and I am so grateful to Professor Gachet and Zip Bar Review!”

Erin Morse, Barry University School of Law, MBE Cram Course, April 2016, Passed the Florida Bar Exam on the First Try


Jennifer Peattie (FAMU Law graduate) RAISED her MBE Score from 132 to 142 while WORKING FULL-TIME for February 2016!!!!!!!!!!!






































“I used a traditional bar course each time that I PREVIOUSLY took the Florida Bar Exam and missed the passing score (BEFORE knowing about Zip Bar Review).

However, this time I PASSED the MBE and the ONLY difference is that I ADDED Zip Bar Review’s MBE Course to my studying!!!!!!!

The MBE was much EASIER for me AFTER using Zip Bar Review’s MBE Cram Course videos!

I felt more familiar with the MBE questions and when I took the Bar Exam I saw SEVERAL VERY SIMILAR questions to the MBE questions that Zip Bar Review covered!

I am telling all of my friends that they can do it!

I work full-time and the Zip Bar Review MBE videos saved me time!”

Jennifer Peattie, FAMU College of Law, MBE Cram Course, April 2016, Passed the MBE Using Zip Bar Review and Passed the Florida Bar Exam


















“On April 11th I was HAPPY to read the Bar results for Florida and see next to my identification number:  PASS–PASS–PASS–YES!

Not only did I pass all the ways you can possibly pass on the Florida Bar Exam, when I received my results in the mail I found out I SCORED WELL ABOVE THE AVERAGE.

I credit this to my use of Zip Bar Review in addition to my other commercial bar preparation course.

I was able to use Zip Bar Review to supplement my studies and help me understand what is critical when reading questions and analyzing the answers.

Professor Gachet was an asset at the beginning of my bar preparation, her assistance and guidance was invaluable.

I credit her with leading me on the right path to success and with her personalized approach I was able to succeed!

Thank you again for all of your encouragement when you were at Barry, they made a big mistake in losing you.”

Ken Wynne, Barry University School of Law, MBE Cram Course, April 2016, Passed the Florida Bar Exam on the First Try


“There is NO WAY that I would have passed the MBE and the Florida Bar Exam WITHOUT your MBE Cram Course Videos!”

B.M., Barry University School of Law, MBE Cram Course, Passed the February 2017 Florida Bar Exam with Zip Bar Review

BMfromBarryTestimonialFeb2017 BMatBarry_TestimonialFebruary2017


“Thank you very much for creating Zip Bar Review!

Your questions, answer explanations, and MBE cheat sheets (Cram Outlines) are spot on.

I’m a REPEAT TAKER (of OTHER traditional bar courses) who has experience with SEVERAL bar prep courses.

For me, going through thousands of MBE questions and answers ON MY OWN did NOT allow me to CATCH CERTAIN NUANCES by simply reading answer explanations.

You explained in an EASILY DIGESTIBLE MANNER a lot of MBE issues that I had spent and WASTED precious study TIME in my PAST attempts with OTHER bar courses trying to figure out on my own, but more often than not had to GIVE UP and move on — that was NOT the case this time around studying with Zip Bar Review.

You also go through the different ways the Bar Exam writers can spin the same fact pattern, which EASILY pinpointed areas of law needing additional review WITHOUT having to comb through a MBE question bank.

For the FIRST time in my Bar Exam attempts, I did NOT look at the first ten questions wondering if I had ever seen a MBE question before!

When I was taking the MBE, I was immediately able to get in a RHYTHM and all of the questions blended together, just as they SHOULD have the first time around with the other bar courses (but that did NOT happen with the other bar courses).

THANK YOU again for creating this EXCELLENT program. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND your MBE Cram Course for anyone who needs to MASTER the MBE in an EFFICIENT manner.”

M. T., DePaul University College of Law, MBE Cram Course, California Bar Exam, September 2016




Passed the Florida Bar Exam the first time! God is good!!

I used all of your Zip Bar Review MBE Cram Course materials, your MBE licensed questions, MBE videos, etc. and for the Florida essays, I worked with Professor Wallace.

For the last month and a half before the Bar Exam, four of us met with Wallace Rudolph twice a week (one for MBE and the other for Florida essay). We went through all of the previous Florida Essays with Wallace which really helped.

I am beyond excited!! Thanks for all your support!”

Sandra (Sandy) Artreche, Barry University School of Law, MBE Cram Course, September 2016, Passed the Florida Bar Exam on the First Try


“I passed!!!!! Thank you Professor Gachet for your excellent Bar Review Course.

Although I had unsuccessfully tried OTHER traditional bar courses, your explanations of the MBE questions and answers, cram sheets, and outlines really helped me.

Not to mention, your CONSTANT communications which included test taking strategies, encouragement, and those MUCH NEEDED pep talks.

Thank you for COACHING me and helping me pass the FL Bar Exam BEFORE my Florida (Part A) passing score expired!!!!

I thank you again for being so sincere and CARING so much for your students’ success!

T. Adams, FAMU College of Law, MBE Cram Course, September 2016, Passed the MBE Using Zip Bar Review to Pass the Florida Bar Exam


“Carolyn, what a MENTOR you are!  Thank you for taking the time to promptly answer all of my questions.


I can’t believe you would walk the extra mile . . . God bless.


Seeing the other testimonials on your Zip Bar Review website — that’s how I feel about your course right now after only watching/listening to a few snippets here and there and only being a MBE Cram Course customer for a few days.


Thank you for helping me to work toward my MBE goal for the California Bar Exam!”


Elfren Q., MBE Cram Course, California Bar Exam, September 2016


After watching Professor Gachet’s MBE Cram Course videos, I increased my MBE score by 35 POINTS on the July 2015 MBE!”

M.T., MBE Cram Course, July 2015


“Your Zip Bar Review MBE program is amazing!

I could literally hear you in my head telling me what the important facts were and what to circle and highlight to make my analysis.

I want to make sure that your product gets the respect it deserves among the myriad of competitors out there (trust me, I have tried them all).

 Only Zip Bar Review took me through a MBE question and showed me how to attack it from top to bottom.

I love how you take a student through the facts—you show what is important, the facts that should have triggered your thought process a certain way, and then you show why each answer was right and wrong.

You did NOT leave students to do the pain-staking fact analysis by ourselves alone in the dark like some other bar review companies.  

Your positivity in the videos caught my attention and helped me gain confidence and skills through the process of analyzing MBE questions.

You break down the MBE questions with an easy-to-understand technique.

As far as your product, I’ve never seen another bar review company put the time or care into their product to make it as user friendly and accessible to all learning styles as you have.

Thank you again for the work that you do.  Please always remember that teaching is the world’s most noble job, and your program has taught me the skills I need so that I am no longer afraid of the MBE.”

Neil V., Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, MBE Cram Course, July 2015  


“I am attending Concord Law School in California.

This month, I just completed final exams in my first year of law school and I wish that I had used the Zip Bar Review MBE Cram Course videos BEFORE taking my law school final exams!

I LOVE your Zip Bar Review MBE videos because I am an AUDITORY learner and I learn English by conversational language before I learn the academic legal language.

From  your teaching, I learn not only by listening to your explanations with constant reminders of the important MBE rules but I also MEMORIZE those rules while I am listening to Professor Gachet’s MBE videos of the licensed MBE questions.

English is my second language and Professor Gachet’s MBE Cram Course videos are helping me to understand the MBE concepts in-depth.

Now I have more confidence in passing the upcoming California Baby Bar (FYLSE) and the California Bar Exam.

I am Professor Gachet’s #1 Super Fan!”

Dr. Sharon Chen, Concord Law School, MBE Cram Course, December 2015


“I am studying for the Baby Bar in California.

I have taken the Baby Bar SIX PREVIOUS TIMES BEFORE using Zip Bar Review’s MBE Cram Course.

I have spent AT LEAST $10,000 with all of the other bar courses BEFORE finding Zip Bar Review and NONE of the OTHER bar courses worked for me.


The MBE portion of the Baby Bar has always been the part that has been a struggle for me.

However, I am FINALLY UNDERSTANDING the MBE black letter law and nuances with Professor Gachet’s MBE videos of the questions and answer explanations on the screen and hearing her answer explanations!

Zip Bar Review is DIFFERENT from all of the OTHER bar courses out there!

I pause each video to see if I can answer the question myself before listening to her answer explanations.

In the MBE videos, Professor Gachet SHOWS me how to pick out the important facts in each question as well.

I WISH that my LAW SCHOOL had TOLD me about Zip Bar Review’s MBE videos because that would have SAVED me a HUGE amount of TIME and MONEY!”

Rosemary Wooten, Taft Law School, MBE Cram Course, April 2016


“I enjoyed the Zip Bar Review videos because they offered a different way to study other than just doing questions on my own.  Your commentary also helped me to keep focused on the material and to better understand the nuances of the questions.

Two other Zip Bar Review students and I also felt that your Zip Bar Review videos were great for group study.  It was fun to read a question together, pause the video and debate each other to come up with the right answer and then watch your explanation to see who was right.  The competitive comradery that flowed from these sessions made the long hours of MBE studying much more palatable.

Overall the videos were a great resources and I would highly recommend them to future bar prep students!”

Chris Buddulph, Hofstra University School of Law, MBE Cram Course, July 2015, Passed the Florida Bar Exam Using Zip Bar Review


“I am one of the two students who scored a 133 on the November 2015 MPRE by following your program.

Thank you!  I was shocked when I saw my MPRE score!  It makes me feel accomplished to see that on your website.

My very good friend was the other student who scored a 133 with your MPRE program so it was very exciting and encouraging.

Your prep for the MPRE rocked!”

Bonnie Smerdon, Barry University School of Law, April 2016


Professor Gachet’s knowledge about the MPRE helped me RAISE my MPRE score from 67 in August 2015 to an amazing 110 score in November 2015!!

Thank you for all of your help and encouragement!”

K.H., Barry University School of Law, November 2015 MPRE


“I am your #1 fan!  

Professor Gachet’s VOICE personality is your jackpot – it is golden!

When I first heard your explanations, it was like I love this – I am not falling asleep – I am actually learning something!!

Your voice “commands” attention – sounds NATURAL – sounds as if you are doing these q’s for yourself.  Don’t change it – your videos work for students like me!!!!!

I also bought and have the official OPEs on my ipad (in my hand) from another place, but their explanations are not as engaging as yours.

Thank you for this program.

I will tell everyone I know about your program because it looks superior to my previous experiences with MBE prep . . . your program appears to be worth every cent.”

Davis, MBE Cram CourseJuly 2014


Professor Gachet, you are an amazing educator with a fresh and practical approach to problems encountered by SO MANY students.

I want to thank you for lifting the fog of mysticism that surrounds the Florida Bar Exam.

I got a high score on the multiple-choice and I would not have done as well on the multiple-choice without your help.  I will send students your way.”

Jean-Robert Almonacy, Barry University School of Law, July 2015, Passed the Florida Bar Exam on the First Try


Professor Gachet CONNECTED with a lot of Barry law school students.

She is an outstanding professor and person.

Professor Gachet is my pick for a Bar Exam Mentor!”

Michelle B., Barry University School of Law, December 2015, Passed the Florida Bar Exam on the First Try


“You will be getting endless sign ups because you have a good style of teaching.  

After watching your MBE Cram course videos, I was prepared for the new MBE Civil Procedure section on the February Bar Exam in addition to the other MBE topics because of your Zip Bar Review materials and my other bar course.  

The correct answers were jumping out at me and appeared to be easier than I expected because of your videos.”

S., MBE Cram Course, July 2015


“I want to say thank you because your videos helped me a lot in learning the MBE.

English is a second language for me.  

You have a very good and clear voice.

After listening to your videos for many hours, I feel like I could hear you in my head telling me the correct answers when I was taking the bar exam.  

I feel I improved a lot in answering the MBE for the California Bar Exam.

Thanks for your emails!”

N. B., MBE Cram Course, February 2015, Passed the Bar Exam Using Zip Bar Review


“I am excited about my November 2015 MPRE score.

Professor Gachet’s MPRE Study Schedule and advice helped to keep me on track.

Thank you for all of your hardwork and attention.”

S.M., Barry University School of Law, November 2015 MPRE


“Just got through viewing Contracts.  I appreciate your explanations.  

I wish I knew about Zip Bar Review earlier.  

Thank you so much.”

Linnea S., MBE Cram CourseJuly 2014


“I wish I had such an innovative tutoring program when I studied for the bar exam!”

Jack L., Lawyer, Mercer School of Law


“I team teach a bar prep course for students at my law school, and I am impressed with the substance of Zip Bar Review’s sample bar exam tutoring videos.

I will be recommending that my law students consider the Zip Bar Review membership program as an alternative or supplement to their other MBE bar prep courses.”

Chris W., Contracts and Business Associations Law Professor

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