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Zip Bar Review

Our goal is to provide you with fast and efficient ways to study for the Bar Exam.

Professor Carolyn Gachet, Esq.


Professor Gachet is REVOLUTIONIZING the Bar Exam industry ONE student at a time!

Carolyn Gachet, Esq., is the Creator and President of Zip Bar Review. She has diverse educational degrees in the following: Juris Doctor, Bachelor of Business Administration, and B.S. in Molecular Biology and Microbiology, as well as several years of virtual teaching experience.

Professor Gachet works as an attorney and she has previously worked in Bar Prep coordinating and implementing innovative programs for the Florida Bar Exam, the MBE and the MPRE as well as mentoring First-time Takers, Bar Exam Retakers, and 1L, 2L and 3L law students.  

Professor Gachet’s specialty is the MBE for MBE Cram Course students across the country (including Baby Bar students in California)!

Professor Gachet has PERSONALLY mentored HUNDREDS of law students and Bar Exam students in person and through her business.

*** Professor Gachet offers FREE Bar Exam Mentoring (but NOT Private Tutoring) to Zip Bar Review MBE Cram Course students by email and sometimes by phone (based on her availability and schedule).***

Professor Gachet’s FREE Mentoring is VERY helpful and valuable!  It can be the difference between passing and not passing the Bar Exam!

Check in with her to get her advice about what materials you are using, she can give you ideas to change your studying, she can recommend other private tutors, etc.

If you are considering whether to use Zip Bar Review, please send an email on this website and we’ll get back to you!  🙂

Here’s a Note from the Heart . . . 

Professor Gachet created Zip Bar Review because she wished that someone had given her this advice and assistance when she was a Bar Exam student.  She created the bar course that she wishes had existed when she was a Bar Exam student.

Even the information that Professor Gachet provides for FREE to her Email Subscribers (Enter Your Name and Email in the Top Right of this Website if You are Interested) would have helped her immensely.

She took a traditional bar course and she was an excellent student, but she felt that more could have been done to give her clarity in the Bar Exam process and during her Bar Exam studying.

Zip Bar Review’s MBE Cram Course is a NECESSARY SUPPLEMENT to a traditional bar course to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome on the Bar Exam for YOU.

She has a PASSION for helping her students and her DEDICATION shows in everything that she does.

Professor Gachet is FRIENDLY, POSITIVE and MOTIVATING, and Professor Gachet CARES about YOU!

She even answers many of the emails from this website herself!  🙂

Professor Gachet works with a HIGH Level of INTEGRITY on behalf of her students!

Professor Gachet helps everyone including the UNDERDOG to PASS the Bar Exam so that you can help amazing people in YOUR LEGAL CAREER.

Her goal is to level the playing field of the Bar Exam by PROVIDING HIGH VALUE and SHOWING YOU the Secrets to PASSING the Bar Exam!


Professor Gachet and Zip Bar Review are AVAILABLE to help LAW SCHOOLS with the Bar Exam passage rate which is a necessary component for ABA Accreditation.  In addition, 3Ls and Bar Exam students need Zip Bar Review’s MBE Videos especially at fourth-tier law schools across the country!


Further, Professor Gachet attended law school and college with Full-Tuition, Merit Scholarships.

Professor Gachet enjoys being a leader to employ her creativity and innovation in order to be of service by helping bar exam students PASS the bar exam!

Ms. Gachet is also a graduate of the Martha Beck Life Coach program. Her unique background gives her valuable insight into stumbling blocks and limiting beliefs for students in the bar exam process.

Professor Gachet used her retirement and all of her savings to create Zip Bar Review.  Ms. Gachet has a passion for teaching and for building a company that provides e-learning solutions for bar exam students.

Professor Gachet personally tutors all of the MBE and MPRE videos.  

When Professor Gachet was a bar exam student, she knew that she wanted more innovative learning tools than what the other bar exam preparation courses were offering.  She created Zip Bar Review because she wishes it had existed when she was studying for the bar exam. 

Your time during the bar exam studying process is VALUABLE. Take this opportunity to maximize your preparation time! Don’t miss out!




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