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Florida Essay Videos:

Wallace Rudolph tutors these videos.  Essays are his passion.

These videos are a sample of important essay topics that have appeared recently.

These videos are a SUPPLEMENT to your resources in another traditional bar course.

Florida Essay Videos included in this $197 Introductory Price:

* Florida Contracts and UCC Article 9 Essay (July 2013 Question 1)

* Florida Trusts and Ethics Essay (July 2013 Question 3)

* Florida Constitutional Law and Property Essay (July 2009 Question 3)

* Florida Family Law Essay (February 2015 Question 1)

Florida Torts Essay (February 2012 Question 3)

* Florida Constitutional Law Essay (July 2013 Question 2)

Free Bonus 1:  Florida Trusts Lecture Videos by Baron Given

Free Bonus 2:  Florida Evidence Lecture Videos by Baron Given







Professor Gachet and Zip Bar Review are AVAILABLE to help LAW SCHOOLS with the Bar Exam passage rate which is a necessary component for ABA Accreditation.  In addition, 3Ls and Bar Exam students need Zip Bar Review’s MBE Videos especially at fourth-tier law schools across the country!


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