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Will you Take the California Baby Bar (FYLSE)?

Or Are you a Current Law Student?

Zip Bar Review is for YOU!


Join the MBE Cram Course to study for the California Baby Bar or to study while you are in law school!

If you are a Baby Bar student, you will get access for the Baby Bar Exam period that you take (which you will choose on the order form) and the “One More Time” free guarantee applies so that you can get access for one more Baby Bar exam date if you need it.

The “One More Time” Guarantee also applies to Baby Bar Students!

You get access to the FULL MBE program that Bar Exam students study!

Professor Gachet teaches the 400 newest, licensed MBE Questions and Answer Explanations in 30+ hours of Question-Based Tutoring Videos PLUS Quizzes for these 400 licensed MBE Questions.

The MBE Cram Course is on sale NOW!

$797  Amazing Value!

Includes Quiz Program as FREE BONUS (A $275 Value)

Click below!



Professor Gachet and Zip Bar Review are AVAILABLE to help LAW SCHOOLS with the Bar Exam passage rate which is a necessary component for ABA Accreditation.  In addition, 3Ls and Bar Exam students need Zip Bar Review’s MBE Videos especially at fourth-tier law schools across the country!


“I am attending Concord Law School in California.

This month, I just completed final exams in my first year of law school and I wish that I had used the Zip Bar Review MBE Cram Course videos BEFORE taking my law school final exams!

I LOVE your Zip Bar Review MBE videos because I am an AUDITORY learner and I learn English by conversational language before I learn the academic legal language.

From  your teaching, I learn not only by listening to your explanations with constant reminders of the important MBE rules but I also MEMORIZE those rules while I am listening to Professor Gachet’s MBE videos of the licensed MBE questions.

English is my second language and Professor Gachet’s MBE Cram Course videos are helping me to understand the MBE concepts in-depth.

Now I have more confidence in passing the upcoming California Baby Bar (FYLSE) and the California Bar Exam.

I am Professor Gachet’s #1 Super Fan!”

Dr. Sharon Chen, Concord Law School, MBE Cram Course, December 2015


“I am studying for the Baby Bar in California.

I have taken the Baby Bar SIX PREVIOUS TIMES BEFORE using Zip Bar Review’s MBE Cram Course.

I have spent AT LEAST $10,000 with all of the other bar courses BEFORE finding Zip Bar Review and NONE of the OTHER bar courses worked for me.


The MBE portion of the Baby Bar has always been the part that has been a struggle for me.

However, I am FINALLY UNDERSTANDING the MBE black letter law and nuances with Professor Gachet’s MBE videos of the questions and answer explanations on the screen and hearing her answer explanations!

Zip Bar Review is DIFFERENT from all of the OTHER bar courses out there!

I pause each video to see if I can answer the question myself before listening to her answer explanations.

In the MBE videos, Professor Gachet SHOWS me how to pick out the important facts in each question as well.

I WISH that my LAW SCHOOL had TOLD me about Zip Bar Review’s MBE videos because that would have SAVED me a HUGE amount of TIME and MONEY!”

Rosemary Wooten, Taft Law School, MBE Cram Course, April 2016

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