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**If you do NOT receive an email soon, then that means that there is a problem with YOUR email address (you might have misspelled your email address on the order form, typed a wrong email address, your email address might be blocking our email to you, etc.).

If you do NOT receive an email soon, please send us a message on the Contact Us” page with an ALTERNATIVE EMAIL ADDRESS (a different working email address) if you do not receive an email from us soon.

If there is a problem with YOUR email address, please be patient and give us 24-48 hours to get you updated in our system with a NEW email address that YOU provide to us in the Contact Us area.

Please watch ALL of the MBE videos in the membership area in addition to studying MBE resources with another bar course.

See you in the membership area!

Carolyn Gachet and the Zip Bar Review team

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