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Zip Bar Review
1969 S Alafaya Trail, Suite 368
Orlando, FL 32828-8732

*** Professor Gachet offers FREE Bar Exam Mentoring (but NOT Private Tutoring) to Zip Bar Review MBE Cram Course students by email and sometimes by phone (based on her availability and schedule).***

Professor Gachet’s FREE Mentoring (for MBE Cram Course students) is VERY helpful and valuable!  It can be the difference between passing and not passing the Bar Exam!

Check in with her to get her advice about what materials you are using, she can give you ideas to change your studying, she can recommend other private tutors, etc.

If you are considering whether to use Zip Bar Review, please send an email on this website and we’ll get back to you!  🙂


Professor Gachet and Zip Bar Review are AVAILABLE to help LAW SCHOOLS with the Bar Exam passage rate which is a necessary component for ABA Accreditation.  In addition, 3Ls and Bar Exam students need Zip Bar Review’s MBE Videos especially at fourth-tier law schools across the country!


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